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Dasarath Deka
Date of Publish: 2015-09-19

White water rafting on the Barnadi river in the foothills of Bhutan

Photographs and text by Dasarath Deka


For adventure tourists looking for exciting spots for white water rafting, the river Barnadi, originating in Bhutan and flowing through Bogamati area in lower Assam’s Baksa district is an ideal option for an exhilarating experience. Green Trek and Adventure based in Goreswar area of the district arranges rafting facilities at Bogamati, about 85 km off Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. Flowing through the slopes of Bhutan foothills, the river has made Bogamati an ideal location for rafting just 30 km off Goreswar. Thick lush green forests on both sides of the river add to the panoramic view of the location making it a hot destination for picnic.    


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