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Subhamoy Bhattacharjee/IFAW-WTI
Date of Publish: 2018-04-05

Ten poisoned Himalayan Griffon vultures released in Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary after successful treatment at CWRC


Ten Himalayan Griffon vultures rescued from inside Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary in central Assam’s Nagaon district about 12 days back, were released on April 5 following successful treatment for poisoning. Officials of the sanctuary along with a team of the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) of WTI-IFAW released the vultures in their home range in the sanctuary.

It was on March 25, when a CWRC team rescued 12 Himalayan Griffon vultures battling for lives and found 14 vultures dead due to poisoning inside the sanctuary. Two vultures died on the way, but a team of CRWC veterinarians successfully treated the remaining ten vultures. The vultures became sick due to secondary carcass poisoning inside the protected area by miscreants.

A joint meeting with residents of fringe villages to make them aware against carcass poisoning to protect vultures was also organised. Increase in incidents of secondary poisoning have led to decline in vulture population. People use poisoned carcass to kill dogs and other carnivores but most of the time vultures got affected.


Photo, Text & Video: Subhamoy Bhattacharjee/IFAW-WTI



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