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Date of Publish: 2016-03-08

Women from India’s Northeast region, which is far away from the national capital, have been self-reliant in respect of their socio-economic space even before they had access to formal education. Matrilineal system among the Khasis, Jaintias and the Garos of Meghalaya can also perhaps be seen as a reflection of socio-economic emancipation of women of this region. Vast majority of tribal women in rural areas of the region are still not familiar to modern concepts of women’s rights and women empowerment. However, the women of these ethnic societies enjoy freedom to a large extent in comparison to other societies. These tribal societies are free from social evils like female foeticide and dowry. They make their life beautiful contributing to their family and society through hard work in day to day life. Although these women relatively enjoy a better position in social life and their leading role in socio-economic activities has ensured their position in their respective societies, they have still not been able to enjoy equal political space in the society. This is also true in respect of women of matrilineal societies of the Khasis, Jaintias and the Garos of Meghalaya. The significance of the International Women’s Day is to ensure that these women enjoy equal political space and their emancipation is not limited to the socio-economic space.

Photo and text - Girimallika Saikia

( Girimallika Saikia teaches in a High School in Golaghat district of Assam. A nature lover, Saikia also loves to spend time with children. She has special interest in photography.  She can be reached at girimalikasaikia@gmail.com)


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