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Date of Publish: 2016-04-13

Everywhere in Assam, the advent of spring revitalizes the soul of the Assamese. The very existence of the Assamese – the land and culture ---seems to be bedecked with new attire. One feels as if myriad avian species flock to Assam during this time to witness the magical transformation of the land and her people. The fabled hospitality of the Assamese which gives us our identity and the great rainbow of caste, creed and race  that form the Assamese nation seem to welcome everyone with open arms during this magical season.                          

The kuli- keteki(  Asian Koel,Cuckoo)knocks at the door of every Assamese as ambassadors of peace and tranquility and as if on cue, every Assamese opens his or her door and comes out in joyous abandon. The spirited Bihu dance of the Assamese rejuvenates mother earth with freshness and vitality. The moupiya(Sunbird) satiates its thirst by drinking from the juice of spring .The sakhiyoti (Black-hooded Oriole)calls out to the youngsters from the top of peepal trees beckoning them for a bihu performance. The bihuoti (Common- Iora)are also there waiting to behold the merriment.

The kuli keteki (Asian Koel,Cuckoo), sakhiyoti(Black-hooded Oriole), moupiya(Sunbird), bihuoti (CommonIora), Flowerpecker and  many other indigenous species of birds are one with the culture and life of the Assamese people as also are the migratory birds which flock to our land and make themselves part of the colourful scene . Only the kingdom of birds could contribute so vividly to our cultural landscape.


Photo and text - Girimallika Saikia

( Girimallika Saikia teaches in a High School in Golaghat district of Assam. A nature lover, Saikia also loves to spend time with children. She has  special interest in photography.  She can be reached at girimalikasaikia@gmail.com)


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