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Date of Publish: 2016-06-04

Few Poems of Anil Boro



I have a sky of my own

A sky;


A garden of solitude

A blissful moment of serenity

I have

A home of my own

Where I meet and converse with my heart

Words kiss words as

One heart embraces the other.














Let the peace bird fly to me

After the dark smoke of the blast

Let the gentle breezes blow

After the animal brutality of merciless killing

Let innocent smiles bloom on the lips of children

And usher in the new born Sun

To transform a dying generation

Who pretend to wear a steel heart

A heart made of machines.















Don’t ask me

What’s your worry

Don’t ask me

What makes you


I’m deeply drowned in mine own


The whirlpool of sorrow, the melancholy flow


Your worry

Can’t be mine


Don’t ask me

The colour of sadness

The colour of rainbow.














Fire In The Forest


They built their huts in the jungle

They built their houses in the forest

For whom did they clear the jungle

For whom did they build the huts

by the green fields...

murmured the silent rivulet

here, in the virgin forest

resounded with ancient melody

the flute of the cowherd

butterfly dreams once were there

when the lush vegetation

heard the baidemlai tune of the serja

there still was my dear little village

with jungles jiggling and jostling

with the dim light here and there

it was here that their dreams blossomed

as fragrant as the fresh bloom

the innocent laughter of children.

It was here that the beats of kham

beckoned the clouds...

the virgin fields leaped up to the tune of sifung

now they have built tall buildings

and built their capital here,

the fire they brought burns the jungle now

here, there and everywhere...

and push the virgin forest and lush vegetation

to an untimely death

there is fire, fire every where

fire in the virgin forest.

Fire in the lush vegetation.
















If you ever come to my village

Don’t  forget to meet me

just across the rivulet and the bamboo foot bridge

is the lush green areca-nut and the  jackfruit grove

and the orchard of mellow fruits

and fragrant blossoms

if you ever come to my village

don’t be scared of rainy seasons mud

here the damsels plant Sali crop wading knee deep through mud

the ploughman plough the virgin field

don’t forget to share the bowl of rice  beer on nagol jankhra day

the ripe and flabby feet of the damsels smeared with mud

and the twinkle of deer eyes

there they work and sing the hymns of rain drenched land

and life’s calling

if you ever come to my village

do never forget to meet me

there  in the paddy field

by the roadside

I work and sing the pasture song

with  the reapers

If you want to  taste the

Pestled fish and green coriander leaves

And the dish of

Boiled lafa  mwidru

Come to the golden field of my dear village

In the full moon light

In the month of Magh

With the beats of Kham

And the tune of Siphung

The rythm of Jotha

Dances of Daudini, followed by the devotees,  in a circle

There among the devotees

You will find me

If you ever come to my village

Do never miss meeting me

The old house under the

Peeple tree is my work place

To learn my mother tongue

With the kids

To acquire the basics of

Addition and subtraction

To acquire the music of

Life's illumination

There wiping mucus of

Their noses they learn how to dot the slates

With the first table of their life

On the half broken walls of their school

Do never forget to come to my village

Oh! My friend

There, at the cross roads of the hills and plains

Dazzles with the blissful kiss of the Sun

My dear little village

Far far away

From the madding crowd

There beckons the last

Home for huminity.


(These poems have been translated into English by the poet himself from Bodo language.)


Poems of Anil Boro


Bodos - the largest plains tribe of Assam has a rich heritage of oral literature.  Bodo literature stepped into the world of written form during second decade of last century. Bodo Thunlai Afat - the most influential literary forum of the Bodos - was formed in 1952.

This literary forum has a leading role in shaping the distinctive identity of Bodo literature.  Sahitya Akademi award has been given in Bodo literature since 2005, following inclusion of Bodo language in 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India.

One has to take these issues of development of Bodo language into consideration while talking about Bodo language and literature. The Bodos have been constantly struggling to assert their social, cultural and political rights for last several decades.  How far these issues have been influenced the Bodo writers as a whole, and poets in particular? 

The poems of Dr. Anil Boro, a Sahitya Akademi Award winner in poetry and  an Associate Professor of the Department Folklore, Gauhati University,  has been able to reflect  this transition. Anil Boro has been involved in creative writing for over a longer period. The poet himself claims to be living in his own world of solitude, as he declares that he has a blissful moment of serenity. However, he cannot stay apart from the endless sufferings of people owing to recent incidents of conflict situation, brutality and merciless killings of his own people. And he writes,  

After the Animal brutality of merciless killing/ let innocent smiles bloom on the lips of the children/ And usher in the new born Sun/ To transform a dying generation/ Who pretend to wear a steal heart/ A heart made of machines.”


The world in which the poet himself belongs- the world that he carries in his conscience is a pristine tribal world, where people used to live with the co-existence of nature. That world, however is no more.  The poet feels that he has been writing  at a time where people “ have to live in a prosaic world of mundane reality.”   Eternal values have been destroyed, people have been uprooted from their original places, nature has gone.   

the virgin fields leaped up to the tune of sifung/now they have built tall buildings/and built their capital here,/the fire they brought burns the jungle now/here, there and everywhere...

He has a number of collections of poetry to his credit including Sifungni Dengkhw, San mwkhangarisimang, Angni Gamiyao Dwijlang , Dehphini onthai mwdai , among others. Delphi and other poems is a collection of English translation of his own poems written in Bodo.

Ratna Bharali Talukdar





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