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Date of Publish: 2015-12-16

Located in the Imphal East district in Manipur is Andro, a small hamlet that stands on its own, thanks to the locals who are keen to preserve and uphold the otherwise diminishing age-old traditions and customs of the land. Andro is 28 kilometres south-east of Imphal; the road is not all smooth but the journey is compensated by the fantastic view of rolling ranges of hills and grassland.

Andro stands out where Manipur tourism is concerned — mainly for three reasons:

  1. Mutua Museum Imphal (popularly known as The Doll Museum)
  2. Traditional pottery
  3. Brewing of the local wine (rice beer)

Mutua Museum Imphal has traditional huts, tribal dolls, totem poles and traditional gears that showcases the myriad aspects of the tribes of Manipur. The village plays a very important part in upholding the heritage of the Manipuri people. It is evident in the way they have maintained the cultural complex—with proper museum timings and restricted number of visitors. Here in the complex’s Doll Museum, one can see the different types of dolls that represent different Manipuri tribes.

Pottery, perhaps the star of Andro, is unique on its own for the fact that only married ladies are allowed to make them. The clay goods ranges from tiny incense stick holders to piggy banks to pots and vases. Spend the day at the village and one can even witness the village ladies engaging in pottery making.

While visiting Andro, do try their local rice beer. The brewers may not allow audience in their brewery but one can procure some to sample the goods.

Photo and textPrecious Kamei

(Precious Kamei is a journalist and writer who travels around the country to capture and tell stories. She can be contacted at preciouskamei.nana@gmail.com )


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