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Date of Publish: 2017-04-13



A note on the situation in Assam-Bengal border in context of Bangla Desh Movement and consequent Influx of evacuees. ( Note appended with statement made by then Assam Chief Minister Mahendra Mohan Choudhury in the Assam Assembly on October 25, 1971 )

(continued from the preveious part published on February 21, and March, 2,7,14, 21, 30 and April 4 )



In the beginning ration at the rate of Rs2/ per head irrespective of adult and minors was paid in kind which was revised on 12-5-17 to Rs 2/ per head per adult and Rs.1/ per head per minor. On the insistence of Government of India to fix ceiling of expenditure to foodstuff to Rs 1.10 paisa per head irrespective of adult and minor, we have revised the rate with effect from 1st June 1971, under protest. The Government of India have also suggested a seal of Rs. 400 grams of Rice, 100 grams of Dal, 300 grams of vegetable with requisite quantities of Salt, cooking oil and spices per head per day.

Government of India propose opening of branches of Food Corporation of India at Silchar, Dhubri and other places in Meghalaya for the purpose of supplying foodstuff like Rice, Dal, Mustard oil, Salt and Matchboxes.

With the completion of construction of transit camps fair price shops will be opened in each camp.


Construction of 37 transit camps with a capacity of 5000 population per camp is in progress in the State of Assam. The district wise break up is as follows-

Cachar -22

Nowgong – 3

Mizo hills district – 3

Goalpara – 2.

Construction of Central transit camp is also going ion at Sarbhog, Bahalpur, and Changsari. Government of India has since sanctioned Rs.15 lakh for the purpose to State Government with further promise of Rs. 35 lakh which has not yet been received.

The construction of the camp is being done both departmentally and State PWD.


The following material have been procured

  1. Tarpaulin –

880 – procured locally by Relief and rehabilitation Commissioner.

150 – procured locally byDeputy Commissioner of Nowgong for Hojai

Total – 1030 nos.

  1. Tents – 1094 – Received from Mana camp sent by Government of India.
  2. CI Sheets

511 bundles available with RR stock

170 bundles fromBonda Scheme stock of RR department

110 bundles fromBonda Scheme stock of RR department

5518 pieces received from Birsi camp of Maharastra.


  1. Alluminium Sheets – 2300 pieces from R R stock


The entire materials have been distributed as follows.

Cachar – 75

Khasi and Jaintia Hills – 445

Kokrajhar – 60

Garo hills – 100

Total 800.


SDO Kokrajhar – 800 pieces

Deputy Commissioner garo Hills – 800 pieces

Deputy Commissioner Silchar- 700

Total – 2300 pieces.


Tents –

Deputy Commissioner, Cachar- 800

Deputy Commissioner, Goalpara – 429

Deputy Commissioner Aijal – 70

Deputy Commissioner, Garo Hills- 100

Total – 1099


GI Sheets

Sub-divisional Officer, Karimganj – 311 buldles

Deputy Commissioner, Nowgong- 200 bundles

Deputy Commissioner, Garo Hills – 43 bundles

Deputy Commissioner Khasi and Jaintia Hills – 110 bundles

Total – 834 bundles


The 5,578 pieces of CI sheets received from Birsi camp have been distributed as follows-

Deputy Commissioner, Mizo Hills – 640 pieces

Deputy Commissioner, Goalpara – 460 pieces

Deputy Commissioner, Silchar – 480 pieces

Assistant Relief and rehabilitation Officer, Mancachar – 480 pieces.

The Balance now lying with Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner is 3,858 pieces.



RR for 100 tents from New Delhi has been received by the Relief and Rehabilitation commissioner, Government of India has placed order on the manufacture for supply of 8000 tents of these, firm order for supply of 5,753 nos, on different manufacture have been received. It is expected that, they will come from time to time within two months, from now.


GI sheets

As against the demand of 200 tonnes of GI sheet placed with the Government of India, only 125 tonnes have since been ordered by the Government of India to be dispatched to Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup- 75 tonnes and Deputy Commissioner, Cachar 60 tonnes by the Steel Company, Rurkela. So far 5518 pieces(558 bundles) have been received from Birsi camp in Maharastra from Government of India as shown above.


Hospital tents

Seven hospital tents have been received from UNICEF Calcutta which were despatched as follows –

Deputy Commissioner, Cachar – 3

Deputy Commissioner, Mizo Hills – 1

Deputy Commissioner, Goalpara – 2, and

Deputy Commissioner, Nowgong – 1


Milk Powder -

UNICEF Calcutta agreed to supply 42 metric tonnes of milk powder. The following quantity so far received has been distributed as follows –


Deputy Commissioner, Cachar- 90 bags or 2.25 tonnes

Deputy Commissioner, Nowgong- 80 bags or 2 tonnes

Deputy Commissioner, Goalpara – 80 bags or 2 tonnes


Indications are there that UNICEF will nor be able to supply anymore milk powder. The present stock received from UNICEF is 834 bags which Indian Red Cross will take over in course of time for distribution. RR for 100 tonnes of Indian Dairy Corporation, Bombay has also been received.


So far 50,400 Tetracyline tablet has been received from INICEF. The same were handed over to Joint Director of Health Services at Gauhati as directed by the Health Department.

No materials have been locally purchased except the 1030 nos of Tarpaulins as above. ( To be continued)


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