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A NOTE ON THE SITUATION IN ASSAM-BENGAL BORDER IN CONTEXT OF BANGLA DESH MOVEMENT AND CONSEQUENT INFLUX OF EVACUEES ( Note appended with statement made by then Assam Chief Minister Mahendra Mohan Choudhury in the Assam Assembly on October 25, 1971)

(continued from the preveious part published on February 21, and March, 2,7,14, 21 and 30 )


Activities of Awami League leaders inside Assam


For a long time that Awami League leaders remains only watchful as they did not receive any direction from their Bangladesh Government. It is, however, that recently Shri Montakim Ali Choudhury has been placed in charge of guiding the activities of the Awami League leaders in this region. Some Youth Welfare Committee have since been formed in different sectors of the border in charge of responsible Awami League leaders. They are looking after to the difficulties of the evacuees in Relief Camps and also organizing recruitment to the β€œMukti Fouz.”

In certain areas the existence of some jealousy among different workers alos noted. This was mainly due to some non-political individuals taking the upper hand over the duly elected representatives as leaders of Bangla Desh movement, who have come into prominence in the context of the Bangla Desh movement, are known to have been working in the past for the Pak Military/Police Intelligence and their activities have been kept under unobtrusive watch.

Conclusion :

Up till now our security forces succeeded in capturing sizable quantities of arms and ammunition. Reports indicated that our security forces also could inflict substantial casualties and quickly send them back into their territory. Up til now about 50 vehicles including some belongings to Pak troops and the Pak police have been captured. It may be emphasized that the need of the hour is maintenance of absolute peaceful condition in the region in order to help the Security Forces to perform their duties effectively and ensure the security of this region.


Statement made by the Chief Minister of Assam Shri M M Choudhury in the Assam Assembly on 26.10.71

Mr. Speaker Sir,

I have already made a detailed statement in the House yesterday (25.10.71) on the situation created by the war like position of Pakistan on our border. This matter was also discussed in detail when the adjournment motion was taken up and the honourable members have expressed their feeling on the situation prevailing the present juncture.

Both he Central and the state government are fully alive to the danger threatening our country as a result of activities of the Pakistani Army and Pakistan saboteurs. Adequate measures for tightening up security and ensuring the integrity of the country have been adapted.

Due to sporadic shelling by Pak Army across the border people living in some areas of the border are undoubtedly facing hardship and risk of life and property but the morals of the people is at a high pitch everywhere and no signs of panic have been visible. The government publicity machinery have been suitably geared up to disseminate correct news with a view to avoid rumor and to boost up the morals of the people particularly in the bordering districts.

The Honorable members may appreciate that Pakistan may create a new difficult situation which will inevitably bring more hardship tour people living in the border areas in particular. We should be prepared to face such situation with courage and confidence. This much I can assure to the House, without divulging the Military secret, that our Defense force is fully prepared to meet the situation that have been created by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Government.

Relief and Allied Matters

  1. As a result of Military crackdown against the people of East Pakistan by the West Pakistan Military rulers on the 26th of March, 1971 and subsequent strife in that country, evacuees have started streaming into India as early as in the beginning of April, 1971. The numbers of people coming over to India to flee from the atrocities of Military action was only 1,33,803 in the beginning of April 1971. With the continuity of Civil War, the numbers of evacuees have greatly increased anf the figures stood at 4,98,440 of which 3,88,987 were on camps in 2nd July, 1971. Largest concentration of the refugees takes place in Goalpara, Cachar, Garo Hills and United Khasi and Jaintia Hills. As many as 158 camps were in existence as on 2nd July 1971 where these evacuees were accommodated and given reliefs.

The break up is as follows:

  1. Cachar district - 123 camps-77,646
  2. United Khasi and Jaintia Hills- 11 camps - 77,929
  3. Gao Hills district- 6 camps -1,66,211
  4. Goalpara district- 10 camps -44,029
  5. Mizo district – 7 camps 17,607
  6. Nowgong district 1 camp 1,922
  1. Other districts - 876

Total 158 camps, 3,88,987


The total influx in the whole state including Meghalaya both in and outside camps is 4,98,440 as on 2.7.71. The trend is that the inflow is steadily on the increase.

Since the flow of the influx has shot up suddenly from the middle of April, 1971 in avalanches as it were, considerable difficulties were experienced in giving shelter to this surging mass of humanity by district officers particularly in Garo hills, Cachar and United Khasi and Jaintia Hills. ( To be continued)


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