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A NOTE ON THE SITUATION IN ASSAM-BENGAL BORDER IN CONTEXT OF BANGLA DESH MOVEMENT AND CONSEQUENT INFLUX OF EVACUEES ( Note appended with statement made by then Assam Chief Minister Mahendra Mohan Choudhury in the Assam Assembly on October 25, 1971)


(continued from preveious part )


Garo Hills Border

Since about the last week of April concentrations of Pak troops were noticed in areas opposite to our Mahendraganj, Balu and Gasuapara areas in somewhat aggressive postures. During the period from 9th May, a few evacuees on our side sustained injuries from Mortar/ MMG firing by Pak troops from cross the borders. On 24th May from about 5-30 p.m. they started indiscriminate firing on our Dalu area concentrating heavy LMG/Mortar on the Dalu border post. The firing continued for about a couple of hours and as a result two civilians were killed and 5 others seriously injured in that area. The people, both permanent residents and evacuees, became panicky and started fleeing to interior areas for safety. Next day (25th May) they launched an armed attack on our Dalu sector, intrude into our territory to a depth of about one mile and temporarily occupied old Dalu Bazar, Kallipara, Saipani and some other villages. As a result of this murderous attack by the intruders 9 BSF personal and 23 civilians of our side were killed and 11 other civilians injured. One of the CO of the BSF was kidnapped and he was reported to have been murdered thereafter. One BSF vehicle was destroyed and one more BSF personal have been missing. The intruders, however, were evicted on the same day by the evening. Next day also the Pak troops shelled some areas in our Dalu area for a brief period.

On the 27th May, the date on which high BSF officials including the IC and the DyIG were visiting Dalu border, the Pak troop opened heavy Mortar/MMG firing towards our territory and the officers extricated themselves to safety with great difficulty. Effective retaliatory measures were then taken to silence the Pakistani guns. On the eve of the Prime Ministers last visit to Assam the Pak troops again shelled Dalu area on the 10th June.

On 15th June Pak commandos mined our Chiehinpara – Mahendraganj border road at Noksi village. This resulted in blowing up of a truck carrying evacuees from Chiehinpara to Mahendraganj and 4 evacuees and the driver was injured. On the 17th June also the same area was mined and one of our security force Truck narrowly escaped from being blown up. This area has since been cleared, in all about 25,000 border people had to leave their hearth and home and take shelter in interior places.

(C) UK and J Hills border

On the 14th May Pak troops came right up to our border in Naljuri area and resorted to indiscriminate firing on our side. They also took positions at Jaintiapur, Gonarighat, Tanabil, Syndrem and Pratappur near our border and burnt down the houses in several villages on their side. At Tanabil they dug trenches/ constructed bunkers within 12 yards from the border with an aggressive posture. On 26th May they heavily shelled some areas in our Dawki setor from Tamabil and Jaflong and as a result panic prevailed in our border villages and many of the residents left for safe places in the interiors.

(D) Golapara Border

Concentration of Pak troops opposite our Chhatrasal and Mankachar commenced in the later part of May and they were poised at Pak Silbari, about 3 miles from Mankachar, during the same period. By 29th May contingents of Pak troops also arrived at Bhurangamari about 7 miles from our Sonahat and at NAgeswari about 10 miles from our Patamari in Goalpara district. Besides Rifles/LMG/MMG they also equipped with 81 MM Mortars and 25 pounders. They also bought two gun-boats up Dudkumar river. From the morning of the 2nd June they resorted to heavy firing which was continuing till 13th June, towards our border in the Sonahat – Binnachhara sector and as a result panic prevailed amongst our border people. Influx of evacuees into Goalpara district since increased considerably.

Activities of Pak troops in Chatrasal-Sonahat sector where firing and shelling into our territory took place, tend to indicate that they are up to cut off this northeastern most region from the rest of the country and extend their “civil ar” to our territory also. While Pak troops and their collaborators are methodocally depopulating their border area through atrocities, they have also a plan to uproot our people living in border areas by launching raids on our villages/border posts and committing armed intrusion. The cumulative effect of all such atrocities is aimed at brining about a state of tension on our border thus disrupting, among other things the established relief machinery and adversely affecting the economy of the state.

( to be continued)


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