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Date of Publish: 2017-04-21



A note on situation in Assam-Bangla Desh border in context of Bangla Desh Movement and consequent Influx of evacuees (Note append with statement made by then Assam Chief Minister Mahendra Mohan Choudhury in Assam Legislative Assembly on October 25, 1971)

(Continued from the Previous part published on February 21, March 2,7,14,21,30 and April 4, 13)


5.Allotment of fund by Govt. of India


We have so far received allotment of Rs. 1 crore 40 lakhs from Government of India who promised to reimburse the entire expenditure and allot further funds after their budget is passed. Meanwhile, a sum of Rs. 1 crore 40 lakhs has also been obtained as advance from the State Contingency fund and provided for in our budget. The entire amount has been placed at the disposal of the R.R.C. who has since allotted Rs. 41.44 lakhs to District/Sub-divisional officers for feeding etc. and Rs 27 lakhs for construction of camps.

Steps are being taken by R.R.C. to allot the remaining amount to the District officers in accordance with their demand. The latest expenditure statement including the undischarged liabilities received from R.R. C. indicates that expenditure to the extent of Rs. 1 crore 37 lakhs had since been incurred up to 30-6-71. We have also moved Government of India for further allotment of Rs. 3 crores 57 lakhs for meeting our requirements for the period 1-7-71 to 15-8-71. Meanwhile, we are drawing another sum of Rs. 50 lakhs from the Contingency Fund of the State for meeting the current expenditure. Allotment of Rs 2.60 lakh each to K & J Hills and Garo Hills was made prior to the transfer of relief and rehabilitation to Government of Meghalaya on 4-5-72.

6. Camp Staff:

Two posts of Additional Deputy Commissioner-Cum-Additional Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner for Cachar and Goalpara have since been created and incumbents appointed. Steps are also being taken for appointment of Assistant Relief and Rehabilitation Officer to look after the 37 Camps now under construction. Besides, clerical staff consisting of 1 Accountant, 1 U.D. Assistant, 1 L.D. Assistant, 2 Grade IV has been sanctioned for each camp. The Relief & Rehabilitation Commissioner, has since been ordered to instruct Deputy Commissioners concerned to go ahead with entertainment of 50 % of the clerical staff as and when necessary pending receipt of formal sanction from Government of India.

7. Transport :

The Government of India has been moved for sanction to the purchase of 11 trucks and 2 Jeeps with trailers for carrying ration to transit Camps and 4 Jeeps and 2 Ambassador cars for administrative purposes. As against this, sanction for 4 Jeeps, 8 trucks, 2 Jeeps with trailers and one car, has since been received, and corresponding State Government sanction has also been issued. Indent has since been placed to the State Transport Department for supply of these vehicles.

The following particulars were given by the Dy R.R.C., Gauhati on phone today ( 16.7.71) at about 1.30 P.M. in connection with the evauees:

1.Milk Powder:

5765 bags…….. from UNICEF and World Food Programme

6 bags lost in transit

3,196 bags have been distributed

2478 bags in stock

Detail of distribution:


D.C. Goalpara……………………………………………… 596 bags

D.C. Cacahar……………………………………………….1130 bags

D.C.. Mizo district……………………………………….290 bags

D.C. Nowgong…………………………………………….. 120 bags

Made over to the Indian Red Cross Society..1060 bags

Total :3196 bags

2.Butter oil:


The World Food Programme allotted 80 metric tonnes. Quantity received : 2396 crtns. Quantity lost in transit: 4 crtns. Quantity in stock will be given later on.



Orders placed by the D.C. S.D., Govt. of India:5753 tents.

R.R. C received only 4,000

Tents received: 2345 tents

Lost in transit :1 tent

Tents distributed: 1892 tents

Tents in stock:453 tents


4.C.I. Sheets :

From BIRSI camp in M.P. the allotment is 150 metric tonnes

Despatched: 134.31 m. tonnes.

Received approx.: 93 m. tonnes, in 7,406 pieces

Quantity distributed : 5320 pieces

Quantity in stock : 2,086 pieces


Details of distribution :

D.C. Goalpara: 1,760 pieces

D.C. Mizo hills : 2,560 pieces

Total : 5,320 pieces


5.Clothes :

207 bundles of clothes were received as gift. These bundles contains Sari, Dhuti, Lungi etc.

The above figure are as on 14.7.71.


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