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Date of Publish: 2017-09-09

A Few Poems of Rabindra Bora



Man of engrossed in dream with language of same time

For the appetite

Man comes out breaking the wall of dark

Man embraces the light for tracing out truth

Man praises beauty using both the hands.


For the appetite

Man carries the diverse dictionaries continuously

In the heart of infinite youth blood

The ultimate meaning of vast life

For the appetite

Man moves through innovative craggy roads rubbing

The all evils and dark playing the role as a labor

For the hunger or appetite

Man loves the vest of the sky

Man silently observes the song of the rain

And the thunder claps

Man planted the dreams in muddy field

For the appetite

Man moves centuries holding sunshine

Man searches its lover with sad of heart

For the appetite

Man loves the earth taking shelter

Under the shadow of the tree

Where Siddarth attained perfect enlightenment

The man of engrossed in dream

With the language of the same time turns

As the symbol of divinity and prosperity.

Translated into English by Kailash Choudhury



A Green Hut of Love

Don’t hide the stories of love

Tie these on the wings of flying birds

Let these be covered the sky

Turning to blue clouds

Float on floating water – bloom River

Let it be publicized much

From rural to urban areas

Plough on fertile field

Let it be grown luxuriantly as crops

Make it open the doors and windows of your house

The sunshine will enter

The floor will be glazed

The dried flower will be soaked

Of the cloud winds carry

The forecast of raining

Hurry up! Thunder clap in the sky

Departing from the dark

Come, together maintaining near and dear

To be the light of love

Go again we turn back

To the bank of that river

One day human had delicately built

A green hut of love

On the bank of that river.


Translated into English by Kailash Choudhury


The mouling of words

In the heart of some unheard words

Sprouting from the salt

A spring gale is roaring

And a turbulent river

These words, ardent

In the sweltering sun

Have the intense speed

Of leopards chasing

All around some people

Hug fast the sorrows

Of rich bare fields

And look for these words

In the light of the ranging fire

Holding on fast to afflictions

All over our body glows

The mauling of these words

Translated in to English by Pradip Acharjya

How I say

How I say keeping my hands on my chest

About the smile left by the children here

And the shining conversations of the moonlight on faces

How I pick Up using my both the hands delicately

You the children sleep here fearlessly under the soil

The stains of blood are sticking on the human hands

The heart is being attacked by the fears of anicent times

Falling the faces o down words on the fertile crop field

Up till now the fire of love is not enlightened in the heart of human

These places are reddened with the blood of heart

On the tongues of human what are these -tune or demon

The bloody Chamaria, Nellie, Gahpur and glazing in the dark

Translated into English by Kailash Choudhury

The angry youth

The Angry youth stores the strikes of pains

At each of the sad evening carefully

He does fight fearlessly at every morning after waked up

The silts ate snatched at the optimum moment

The lights from the sharp weapons are dazzled

On both the eyes as the shining sharpness

A lot of times with the smell of gun powder are stopped

On the larynx when started to grasp

The angry youth has spread on the gates of the houses

The tune of time which is ringing in the hours span

Translated into English by Kailash Choudhury

They are not alone

Up till now the midnight is on there

Using the names of lifeless children

Who call making loud voice?

The bloody times of pain hatred human flow

In the sky grasping the wind

On the tip of trees, at the empty country-yard

Suddenly stopping turning to shadow

Naked fear of deep sad

They were playing at this spot of the field

In search of the Moon

Under the trees, on the river bank

They cried raising their hands, they smiled sometimes

They were observing the sky bathing in moonlight

Moonlight entered in the heart of the Earth

Now there is nothing

Only mid-night is in non-sleeping mood

On the soil of lifeless children are sleeping

Cry without sound at sitting passion

They are not alone

The field, the trees, the river disclose

The stories of our children

At midnight it can observe in attentive mood

How a heart searches the heartiest tune of human being

The pathetic crying of lifeless children

The bloody moments of hell in the World

Sometimes blaze as the final fire.

Translated into English by Kailash Choudhury

About the Poet


Rabindra Bora (1939) is a leading Assamese poet and writer. He was awarded the Chaganlal Jain Literary Award for his collection of poems Rodar Charai, in 2012. He was honoured as the National Poet of the year 1982 by the All India Radio and was selected to participate in the symposium of National Poets. The founder president of Asom Kavi Samaj, Rabindra Bora presided the Poetry Symposium Session of Asom Sahitya Sabha in its Annual Session in Bokakhat, held in 1996. His collection of poetry include Dirghadinar Prastutire(1980), Nirbasita Somoy(1986), Soichar Manuh(1991, Uttar Prajanma(1993), Rati Bhangi Ahe(1996), Sahacharya(2000), Korobat Rodor Gaan(2001) Satirartha Din(2006), Rodar Charai(2009), Saponar Ekanta Anugata(2013). His collection of short stories include Ali Dumojat, Ourbapor, Akolsharia Bhoi, and the only novel is Droupadee. His edited works include Sampratik Tarunor Kabita, published by Asom Sahitya Sabha in 2001, among others.


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