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Date of Publish: 2016-01-01

2016- A year full of possibilities


A New Year has dawned.  

The residents of 'the land of the rising sun’-Arunachal Pradesh were the first to welcome the rays of the new year of 2016.

2015 was an eventful year for the whole of the eight Northeastern states. The year marked a very steep rise in the tourist inflow to the NE states. Although official figures are yet to be ascertained, a happy figure is eagerly awaited. Last year witnessed almost a 40% rise compared to the figures of 2013.
Plagued by insufficient funds and handicapped schemes, the 8 Northeastern states have cohesively managed to put its mark in the global map by sweeping medals in the Special Olympics held in U.S.A and the 2015 National Games held in Kerala.

With the sudden turn of the storm in the Bihar poll results, 2016 Assam Legislative Assembly elections have now turned into a battleground of political parties trying their best to prove their mettle.  With many impending projects biting the dust, the coming new year awaits for a better sustainable development of this beautiful region of India, home to many indigenous tribes, landscapes, floras and faunas. 

Photo and text - Prabir Kumar Talukdar

( Prabir Kumar Talukdar is a freelance journalist. He travels around the country to capture stories. He is a recipient of  2015 Trust Women Photo Award by Thomson Reuters Foundation and Microsoft.  He can be reached at prabir008@gmail.com. His mobile no is  73995-02650 )



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