> Byline > Versity Voice : Connecting to the University Students Through Community Radio  
Date of Publish: 2017-12-06
Submited By: Rahul Rabha
Contact: rahul15novbound@gmail.com

The newly elected Post Graduate Students Union of Gauhati University has taken a page out of Modi's book and decided to connect to the people with the help of radio. Radio Luit ,the community radio of Gauhati University has extended their support to this mission.

In collaboration with the PGSU, Radio Luit has initiated the new program named Versity Voice from 26th November 2017. The program is to be broadcasted every Sunday from 7 to 8 pm, where the PGSU members will be live from the studio and will be available to discuss the issues relating to the university.

The audience can interact with the PGSU members through mobile phone and table any suggestions, feed back and complaints regarding issues of the university that is in the hands of the PGSU to solve.

The first program was aired on 27th November and President Manash Duwara, General Secretary Manjit Sarma, Literary Secretary Himakshi Borah, Cultural Secretary Bhaskar Jyoti Sarma, Gymnasium Secretary Masum Janid and Boys' Common Room Secretary Ranjan Upadhyaya was present in the Program. The program anchor was Major Games Secretary Arif Islam and Girl's Common room Secretary Sagarika Goswami, both well known radio activists of Radio Luit.


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