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Date of Publish: 2017-11-01
Submited By: Puja Mandal
Contact: pujamandal1395@gmail.com

Start-up India



Puja Mandal

3rd Semester

CSJMC, Dibrugarh University

Dibrugarh, Assam


As we know that according to Prime Minister Vision on entrepreneurship, providing a welcome platform for aspiring minds across our country. It inspire the youth to change their attitude towards entrepreneurship and help the society in a digital way. Earlier the value of start-up was not known by every youth due its less promotion and financial help from the government. But the day 15 August 2015, the honourable Prime Minister gave a speech at red fort about the start-up that every person from every district from rural to urban must be entrepreneur So that every person can give a job and the crisis of the unemployment rate will be reduce. The youth across the country got inspire from his word and think of innovative idea to build the country digitally as simple as that entirety will be all around us. Many scheme has been made on 16th January 2016 on start-up to reduce the investment on business which youth fail to face because of large amount of investment. A website and App has been developed so that any enquiry or facing problem on doing business can be solve. This Strategy help to recognise the business idea in a start-up platform straightforwardly.

                                 The total funding budget of the government to the start-up is 10,000crore. This amount to the start-up is given through the scheme known as mudra-loan from the bank. Doing of business for small scale enterprise has become simpler to get loan from the bank.

                                A part from government sector of getting funding nowadays many private industry is giving funding through good innovative ideas of the start-up this funding are known as seed capital funding from Angel investor and crowd funding. A huge amount of investment fund get composed through this process and it helps the entrepreneur to grow their business. The giant Start-up are also providing us the funding for example Alibaba, Venture Capital, Softbank, Tiger global etc. This type of private equity, a form of financing that is provided by firms or funds to small, early stage, emerging firms that are having a high potential growth.

                              India has emerged as the third largest start-up base and such ventures are poised to grow 2.2times to reach 10,500 by 2020 despite a perception that the ecosystem in the country has slowed down in this last year. In terms of vertical growth, Investors are looking at domains like health-tech, fin-tech, and edu-tech. The total funding of 650 start-up approximately $4billion, funded signifying a healthy growth of ecosystem.

                             The start-up landscape in the country is becoming the epitome of innovation and within 2022 India will be the first country in the world to have the highest start-up as we know that in India 65% of population are youth of new generation who create an innovation and develop the country in all possible way. It’s not only aim to be giant of start-up in our country but to place every rural and urban area in a digital world where everything get easier and simple so that it reduce the time of each and every individual and can consume time for other purposes.

                            In a state like Assam which is not yet been developed in start-up but every youth of Assam having a vision of doing a start-up they doesn’t get a exposure to start a business so they fail to do it. The honourable Chief Minister of state Shri Sarbanda Sonowal providing an enormous help to the state to build a start-up for that a fund has been granted to open an incubation hub in the state so that many youth can create his/her own emperor in the upcoming future and to provide job so that the state of greenery provide “Green environment” to the youth of the state. “Happiness comes to us when people behind us are happy” and that’s what the start-up of India are working.

                            “Success comes to those who doesn’t live for it but work for others”.




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