> Byline > National Registration of citizen (NRC)implication and its advantages for the indigenous non Assamese speaking people of Assam  
Date of Publish: 2017-10-31
Submited By: Dilu ram sharma
Contact: sharma.dilu@gmail.com

National Registration of citizen (NRC) implication and its advantages for the indigenous non Assamese speaking people of Assam

Many of the political organisation and social organisation are spreading a rumour that after the completion of NRC non assamese speaking people has to leave the state which really a sad thing because we the non assamese speaking people are Assamese by heart not by language and if NRC updation is completed in free and fair manner than we don’t have to prove our loyalty and love for our motherland this process prove that we are indigenous and it will be a great relief for us. We are not supporting any kind of illegal migration in Assam may it from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan or Nepal. NRC is the long awaited process for the people of Assam AASU and many other students’ organisation as well as social organisation wants it is the part of historical Assam accord. Many people gave their life for this cause so it must be implemented and give our state an identity. It’s unfortunate that for the implementation of NRC the government never took initiative thanks to the honourable apex court of the nation the process is going on and we wish this process will be completed in time for the better future of our society.


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