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Date of Publish: 2017-11-08
Submited By: Naasrin Sultana Ahmed
Contact: naasrin888@gmail.com

India is second largest country in the world  population. India is also one of the few countries that have retained the popularity of their indigenous games among its people. Games like gilli-danda, kabaddi, pehlwani and kho kho. India is also where some of the oldest forms of martial arts originated like musti yuddha, kalerippayattu, silambam as well as marma adi. India also have a few board games, most popular of which is the chaturanga, believed to be the origin of modern chess. This is further reinforced with the rise of a number of chess grandmasters from the country.Now a days , cricket became the religion of this great nation and india won the two world cup in 1985 and 2011. it  produced the legend like Kapil Dev , Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra singh Dhoni. India has a great history in Hockey also the magician of Hockey Captain Dhyanchand was from this great nation. At present , indian shuttler are making their name in woirld arena like saina nehwal and PV Sindhu. There is a great possibility in sports in India .


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