> Byline > Humanity Rising : 70000 Youth United for the Cause of Blood Donation  
Date of Publish: 2017-12-05
Submited By: Runjun Devi
Contact: runjun.devi3@gmail.com

At the moment when the country is being torn apart on the basis of religion, culture language and whatnot, a group of youth has shined a light on the most integral part of a human being- the humanity. This mismatched group, consisting of people from every religion, caste and tribe are united by their passion to the cause and to literally share their lifeblood for the sake of humanity.

Team Humanity, a group of volunteer blood donors, first started two years ago as a social media group of interested volunteer blood donors. AS more and more joined their cause, the group expanded and now they boast of more than 70000 members.

“We are bound to each other- we are bound by the bonds of blood.” smiles Nripen Baruwati, one of the admins of the group and an active member. Team Humanity turned two on 23rd November 2017 and the occasion was observed with a blood donation camp and an awareness meeting held in Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati. Members from all over the state attended the meeting. A magazine “Tez” was also released commemorating the occasion .

“This is a milestone for us and I have faith that we shall keep up and expand the work.” said Dibyajyoti Kalita, active member of Humanity.

“At first , we managed 3 donors everyday. Now that number has doubled. Out group of activists work every day for saving lives.” Chaya Moni Bora, another active member of the group smiles proudly.

It is worth on note that every day humanity manages 7 blood donors in average for the needy through their extensive network spanned all over the state. Most of the donors and the patients only come to know each other once the donor shows up for donation.




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