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Date of Publish: 2017-12-06
Submited By: Rahul Rabha
Contact: rahul15novbound@gmail.com

What is culture?

                According to sociologist culture consist of the beliefs, behavior, values and norms, objects and so on. According to anthropologist, culture is a collection of language, law, politics, religion, music, art and of course technology. So, basically we may say that culture means the things we come across in our day to day life , norms and ideals in our society,, law , religion, objects and so on. Culture is an age-old element in our society which is unavoidable and about some continuation.

Cultural change,

                Culture change over time sometimes the change occurs so slowly that we don’t get to know whether it is happening or not. There accused to be more than a million reasons behind the changes in any cultures we can see in our Assamese society the entry of social media or say other western culture has brought a vast change in our society over the last decade we can trace lacs and every minute change in culture.

                We exchange ideas religion, beliefs or material art and crafts such as food or clothing. The entry of Chinese noodles and Italian pasta and pizza can be seen broadly. But with the change and adaptation of other cultures we can see our own culture being shaken. In these era of globalization we need to take care of every other culture with the help of the base of our own culture . It is always better not to forget where we belong to.

                Let us accept Italian pizza along with own concern to promote our own ‘Pitha’. Let us stand together and bring the change in a better way.


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