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Date of Publish: 2017-12-04
Submited By: Mridusmita Das
Contact: mridusmitadas44@gmail.com

ASER is the largest annual survey of children in rural India, faciliated by Pratham related to Education .It focuses on youth in the age group of 14-18 years.It is being called beyond basics .Every year ASER finds out whether they go to school, whether they can read simple text and whether they can do simple arithnmatic.In ASER 2017 the survey will give focus on the current activities of children,awarness,aspirations and ability.


Therefore, the reason of ASER to choose the age group of 14 - 18 years is nearly 10 crore youth in India are in the age range of 14- 18 years about one tenth of India total population.Secondly, the Right to Education Act (RTE) gurantees free and compulsory education up to the age of 14years.Thus, more and more people are completing elementary school.Thirdly by the time they reach age 18, individuals are expected to take on adult responsibilities.The preparedness of these young people will be crucial to their personal,social and professionals success as adults.


My experience with ASER (Annual Survey of Educational Report) this year was getting lot to know about some of the rural village in kamrup district.Although me as a daughter of this land i was quite unaware of the educational condition of the children of some of the rural villages and when i started exploring with ASER, thanks to my department of Communication and Journalism to give us a chance to work with ASER 2017:Beyond Basics,i came to know lot more about their condition.


For me, ASER has been one of the most anticipated activities every year for the last 12 years.I learned every aspect from the three days ASER training in my classroom to fieldwork - survey,re-checking and all - as it gives me the opportunity to interact with different sections of society.Each two village we have to complete our survey by finding out 16 households of 14-18 years of youth in three days and the survey should be done very honestly as it leaves a large impact on the education plans and policies.


During ASER survey in kamrup district,i got the chance to survey two villages of kamrup districts - Barchandra Grant and Bahana.Barchandra grant village is located in Hajo tehsil of kamrup district in Assam.It has a total population of 291 peoples.There are about 58 houses in Barchandra grant village.Guwahati is nearest town to Barchandra grant which is approximately 25km away.The educational system is not ao sound as i realize when i surveyed those children in Barchandra grant.There is only one primary school so all can imagine what can be the educational condition of those children.In Bahana,the education is quite good as compared to the pathetic condition of Barchandra grant.Therefore my experience with ASER was exciting and challenging.


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