Date of Publish: 2017-12-04
Contact: mauchumisaharia@gmail.com


The Bharalu river in Assam once provided potable water to thousands of people living on its banks. It was also a source of variety of fish and other aquatic flora and fauna for the people. The river is now so badly polluted that scientists have warned that unless measures are initiated on a war-footing, an unprecedented disaster is imminent. Illegal constructions along the Bharalu river make matters worse. The drainage has been blocked in many years as a result of encroachment. It is not just the river. Since the past many years, floods have been throwing life out of gear in the largest city of the state. Houses have been damaged, property has been lost, and agriculture and education have suffered. But the consequences this year unprecedented. This was stated after a study, conducted by the Zoology department of the Guwahati university under a project funded by the Asian Science Technology and Environment. The river also has high levels of hydrogen sulphide due to heavy dumping of organic material in its bed. The scientists have urged the government that environment protection acts should be strictly enforced. When people crosses the road the smell of the river is just not tolerable. So I think we people should take necessary actions to save this river. We should routinely clean the river. But another major problem is that people throw plastic and other garbage in the river which should strictly prohibited. Govt should introduce new techniques to clean the river and to create awareness among the people.


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